Dressing from the Inside Out

What do your clothes say about you? Do they say “I’m embarrassed about my body”, “Please don’t notice me” or “I don’t really know who I am?”

Dress to Express is a self-help programme for women who want to express who they are on the inside through what they wear on the outside. It is about freeing ourselves from the doubts, uncertainties and limiting beliefs that prevent us from wearing what we want. It is about finding our own style – an empowered style that comes from inside and is not dictated by anyone else. Above all, it is about being free to be ourselves.

Just to be clear, this is not about giving fashion advice or telling you what you should or shouldn’t wear for your age, colouring, body shape etc – there are lots of other people who do this. Dress to Express is about reconnecting you with your power – finding out who you are, how you feel about your outward appearance and overcoming anything that gets in the way of you wearing what you want to wear.

We believe, it is not down to the fashion industry to tell you how to look, or the media, or stylists, or even your friends. It is down to you. Interested? Click here for our free newsletter.